Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Different World

For me, I love experiencing new things, new opportunities to broaden my horizon. Anything that helps me become a more well rounded person in my knowledge of things I love to do, I'm all for it. The past couple days I got the chance to work with an awesome production crew who put on a show for the Bushnell company (you know the binoculars and hunting equipment!) Let me tell you, definitely a different world. I got to see behind the scenes on how a production team runs a show with audio, video, cameras, graphics, lighting, sound effects and awesome entertainment. I helped the show run smoothly and that was pretty cool! I never thought about doing something like that, but it's something I would consider as a career path. I can actually say that one of my goals is to learn how to edit videos and work on software such as Final Cut Pro or After Effects. Now, just hoping that they ask me back to help with another show :)

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