Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Photog 101

One thing I do love, is learning. And learning to become something better is what I love. This past Saturday I attended Allison Carenza's photography workshop down in the crossroads district. I've taken photography classes in college but only had the chance to work with film, which I do love, but digital is where it's at. We learned the basics of how to operate our camera and work with lighting. I've always had an eye for composition and the talent for photography, but haven't got the chance to purchase my own DSLR quit yet. My work did let me use their camera because they have plans for me to become the department photographer. But buying my own camera is definitely on my list of things to do, especially with the plans I have for my business. Along with learning the functionality of our tools, we discussed, chatted and bonded with each other about the subject we're all passionate about – photography. Here are a couple shots I got to take while out on our break.

I think this resembles Allison. No, maybe?

Naughty ;)

Loved this address. This is where the workshop took place. 

Christine in action.

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