Friday, March 18, 2011

World Peace - Relief for Japan

The past week has been such a disastrous time for Japan. With the earth quake, to the tsunami and to the threat of a nuclear meltdown, my heart and blessings go out to those in need. As ONE person, I can't do a whole lot to help, but if the world comes together I know something can be done. I commend the volunteers and service men for going over there to provide aid for Japan. But those of us that don't have the means of physically helping, we can help with proceeds. I was on etsy of course and found some artist who are donating any where from 20-100% of their proceeds to the Japan Relief, I found this very inspirational and thought I would share:

Remember - Japan Tsunami Relief, print by designtwentysix
GoGo Panda Lino Cut Print by ganborojapan
8 x 10 Owl Print by pumpkinandbutterfly
Red Coral Necklace by RhannFreemann
Japan Disaster Relief Bracelet by jennyndesign
Heart for Japan 8.5 x 11 painting by GreenOptimist
Baby Ruche Bag by jennyndesign

Love and World Peace

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