Saturday, October 29, 2011

Color Palette Inspiration

Something that I've wanted to start for awhile now, is to provide others with an inspirational color palette from an inspirational photograph. I've been seeing this combination a lot lately and I, myself, find it very useful. It's just so nice seeing a beautiful photograph and the colors that can be pulled from it to be used for anything. They're color combos that I would never think of putting together and surprisingly they work amazing together! Color is important to me and I've loved color from the beginning, even before I knew I was going to be a designer. Not only does it inspire designers, but they inspire photographers, interior decorators, fashion designers and etc. etc. The list goes on for miles. Color makes up this fantastic thing we live on called Earth.

Every week I'm going to provide a photograph from a photographer of my choice, with a corresponding color palette and their CMYK values. Hope you enjoy this new addition to my site and ...


Photograph from CubaGallery's Flickr stream

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