Monday, November 14, 2011

Photoshop 101 - Letterpress tutorial

Letterpress is quite the popular effect nowadays. With the technique and replication of the old school letterpress printing (which is my ultimate favorite) this inspiration is now popping up on websites and used as a graphic effect without the expensive price tag of the printing.

This effect can easily be executed by using your layer styles in Photoshop.

Follow these simples steps to achieve your own letterpress style text effect:

1. Create a new document sized 500 pixels x 200 pixels. Makesure to have your resolution at 300 pixels/inch and make the color mode RGB.

2. Pick the paint bucket tool and fill your background layer with your choice of color. I chose a blue that the values equal - 89. 50. 28. 6.

4. We want to add noise for texture. So hover over filter > noise > add noise. Put in the same values as below.

5. Now time for the text. Choose your type tool to type a word you would like to use and make sure it's a bold font to allow area for the effect. I chose Univers - 67 Bold Condensed.

6. Next we're adding the effect. Double click on your type layer to add a style to it. Click on inner shadow and enter in these settings.


7. To have an absence of color and have the effect of blind stamping, highlight your text and choose the same color as your background. We also need to add a little inner glow so it helps the letters stand out.

Cool huh?

Here is what it would look like if your text color was darker. This is 80% black.

Hope this was helpful. :)

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