Friday, July 27, 2012

McInnis & Baeher - Family & Engagement | Kansas City Portrait Photography

This shoot idea started off with just a conversation with Randi on what she loves and plans to do for her wedding day. Sailboats, anchors, ties, blue and white stripes, bows, lighthouses, she loves anything nautical. And she plans on having those little details in her and Dylan's special day. When thinking about their engagement shoot, I ran with her passion and thought it would be a great idea to shoot on a sailboat - what better way to show what you love and who you love on an actual sailboat. So I dug around and asked a few favors, and now a good friend, John, helped us out and let us shoot on his beautiful boat on Lake Jacomo. Besides the wind, the day couldn't of been anymore perfect. I got to spend it with Randi, Dylan and their two little girls, on a gorgeous day on the lake.

We have another special shooting day coming up and can't wait to share part 2 of the McInnis/Baeher engagement soon.

Here are some of my favorites and hope you Enjoy!